1-888-BOOKS-01 (1-888-266-5701) info@book-removal.com


Which area will you collect books?

At the moment, we are limited to within the Los Angeles County (exceptions made for large quantities in neighboring counties).

Are there any items you do not accept?

We do not accept any magazines, catalogs, cds/dvd’s, vhs cassettes, or older school textbooks. 

Where do the books go from here?

Certain books will be sold through various channels to help cover the overheard costs to maintain this free service, and all remaining books will be donated to charities such as the Goodwill of SoCal, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and similar. 

Is your service a charity?

No we do not act as a charity, but as a service provider, and do not offer charity receipts at this time. 

Will you compensate me for my books?

As this is FREE service being offered to you, we’re unavailable to compensate you as the books we collect may be used to cover our overhead costs to operate, including materials, staffing, fuel, trucking, storage, etc.

How many books do you require to use this free service?

A minimum of 50 books is required to schedule a pick-up.

Do you provide boxes?

Yes we will provide boxes if needed, and will pack the books for you upon arrival.

Will any books be thrown out?

All remaining books including those damaged will be delivered to one of the regional recycling facilities so that we can ensure we’re doing our part to maintaining a sustainable healthy planet. 

How can I contact you?

If you have any other questions, please use our contact form or email info@1h7.9eb.myftpupload.com today and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.